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Tribal Micro is a highly informative website which
basically touches upon different aspects of programming.
The site is ideal for people who are interested in the programming field and who want to pursue their careers in this domain. The language used in the site is very easy and even as a layman one can grasp all the information related to programming with ease. The site is divided into many sections each catering a particular set of audience.


Art of computer programming and its different dimension


Programming chips that are available in the market nowadays

The first section of the site is more linked with programming and in this section you will get all the information related to the art of computer programming and its different dimensions. You will find a lot of tutorials and videos on the subject as well. The majority of these videos and tutorials have been crafted by some of the most well-known programmers of our time. The videos and tutorials are highly informative and you will surely enjoy them and will learn a lot through them as well.

The second section is more related to the programming chips that are available in the market nowadays. There are many companies offering different kind of programming chips nowadays. Through this site you can easily find all the information about these companies and the kind of programming chips which they are offering. Complete functionality and details pertaining to different programming chips are also available in this section.

There is an entire section in the website where you can find information about some of the best chip companies that are available in the world today. The names of these chip companies are many and to make it easier for the visitors of the website, Tribal Micro has divided the companies as per countries. As a user all you need to do is to add the filter of the country within which you live. Once the filter is applied a list of popular chip companies as per your country will get surfaced.

Today is the age of embedded systems. Tribal Micro touches upon this aspect as well and an entire section is dedicated to embedded systems. The section tells you all the technical details about different embedded systems that are available today and how they are currently operating. The section is highly informative and you will surely get a lot of value through it especially if you are someone who is fond of development.

A social chat forum is also very much there in the site which means that you can always converse with different people that are already the members of this fantastic webpage. You can talk with people and provide value to the page by providing rich information pertaining to the subject of programming or programming chips.

Tribal Micro is open to queries and you can always contact them through all the modern day communication mediums. You can get information pertaining to the contact mediums by visiting the “contact us” page of this highly informative webpage.

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