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multiROM Series ROM Emulators are advanced debugging tools for embedded systems. multiROM Series ROM Emulators are full-featured EPROM and FLASH memory emulators--EPROM or FLASH memory programming during the application development process is no longer required. multiROM Series ROM Emulators seamlessly replace the EPROM or FLASH memory of the system under development, thus allowing fast uploading of the user's code directly onto the instrument's built-in emulation memory. During the emulation, the uploaded code can be watched, edited and analyzed in real time.

Fast Parallel Port Connection

multiROM Series ROM Emulators are connected to the host PC through a standard parallel port, in order to achieve faster transfer rates than commonly used serial ports. The multiROM Series ROM Emulators' pod is simply inserted into the target's memory socket-the emulators are independent from the target microprocessor, and the emulation of every EPROM or FLASH memory (in DIP, PLCC, TSOP or PSOP package) is completely transparent and straightforward.

Support for Virtually Every Device

multiROM Series ROM Emulators emulate up to 16 Mbit devices, with data bus widths of 8 and 16 bits. The memory access time is guaranteed to be less than 60 ns. multiROM Series ROM Emulators can emulate 2.7 V, 3.3 V and 5 V devices, thanks to their internal circuitry-no external adapter is needed, thus ensuring no increase in memory access time.

Transparent, Real-Time Emulation

Real-time emulation (Live Accessing) allows the host PC to transparently view/edit the memory under emulation in real time, without in no way affecting the target's memory access timings (no wait states inserted). Real-time emulation allows you, for example, to modify control variables (loop counter variables, timing constants, etc.) and look-up tables, or to simulate conditions that trigger external signals; all this in real time, while the target system is running.

Virtual Terminal Communication Channel

multiROM Series ROM Emulators also feature a Virtual Terminal, a communication channel between the host PC and the target system which allows the latter to send messages to the former during the emulation, and vice versa. By simply accessing some dedicated multiROM locations, the target can send, while running, the content of its variables or whatever other text messages to the host PC; the Virtual Terminal messages are displayed in a dedicated user interface window. The emulators provide an output Reset signal that can be generated as needed. multiROM Series ROM Emulators, additionally, can generate a trigger out signal (depending on memory access conditions specified in the user interface) that can be used by the target system. A trace buffer is also built in into the instruments.

Powerful User Interface

multiROM Series ROM Emulators come with a powerful user interface for Windows 9x/Me/2000/NT, a parallel cable, a DIP-32 emulation pod, emulation cables and a user's manual. Adapters for other packages are available on request. An Interface Library (DLL) is also available (as an option-order code 237-00149) so that you can interface your own programs directly with multiROM Series ROM Emulators.

The User Interface

Available Models

The supported emulation buffer size, data bus width, and the presence of the Real Time emulation mode (live access), Virtual Terminal and Trace Buffer features for each emulator of the multiROM Series is summarized in the table below.

multiROM Model Emulation Buffer Size Data Bus Width Real-Time Emulation Virtual Terminal Trace Buffer Price
multiROM8 8 Mbit 8/16 bit No Yes Yes N.A.
multiROM8L 8 Mbit 8/16 bit Yes Yes Yes N.A.
multiROM16 16 Mbit 8/16 bit No Yes Yes $1,300*
multiROM16L 16 Mbit 8/16 bit Yes Yes Yes $1,500*

* PLEASE NOTE: The multiROM units require a generic 12V AC/DC Switching Power Adapter. This adapter is sold separately.

Unit Description Price
12V AC/DC Switching Power Adapter Power Adapter for multiROM Family $80


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